Casual (non-enrolled patients) may access medical care with payment prior to consultation or service.

Accepted methods of payment: Eftpos, Credit Card, Cash (American Express or cheque payments are not accepted)


Newly enrolling patients: The Government subsidy available to your Doctor will not be made available for up to 3 months from your date of your enrolment.   Your first appointment will be charged at the non-subsidised rate and  this requires payment prior to consultation or service.  Without prior payment for your first consultation, your enrolment may be declined and your appointment may be cancelled.

Enrolled patients:   your payment is expected on the day of consultation or service to attract our On the Day (discounted) Consultation Fee.


Non-attendance Fee:  Failure to attend for your appointment or failure to cancel within one hour of your appointment time, may incur a charge of $35.


Paper Statements: To reduce our carbon footprint, The Christchurch Doctors no longer sends paper statement of account, where at all possible, to all Account Holders.

Text reminders showing an outstanding balance are generated weekly.

Patients who do not have cell phones or have identified as No Text Messages (SMS), will continue to receive a paper notification of outstanding balance monthly


*Full transactional paper statements are available on request


Unpaid accounts of more than 60 days:   Further routine medical attention* will be withheld pending payment / part payment of your outstanding balance.


* (excludes urgent medical attention which we will continue to provide).


We welcome direct credit payments to our bank account:   02 0820 016759400   Please quote your name as a reference


A regular Automatic payment set up through your bank is another option you may wish to organise to cover your medical costs


The following payment methods of accepted for our enrolled patients:  EftPos, MasterCard / Visa, Cash, Direct Bank Credit and Cheques.  We do not accept American Express.



The Commerce Commission allows businesses to pass on Visa and MasterCard credit card transaction costs to customers who choose to pay by this method. The Christchurch Doctors has opted NOT to pass on charges to our patients at the present time.






September  2017

Thursday 24th of May 2018

912 – 914 Colombo Street, Christchurch
Phone: (03) 366 3391
Fax: (03) 366 1390


Monday 8am - 5:30pm Tuesday 8am - 5:30pm Wednesday 8am - 5:30pm Thursday 8am - 5:30pm Friday 8am - 5:30pm

After Hours Medical Care

For direct medical support during surgery closure, we recommend our patients to attend the 24 Hour Surgery, located at:

Pegasus House, 401 Madras Street
Ph: 03 365 7777